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Passion drives every click of my camera. Listening to my clients, understanding their vision, and then translating it into stunning, unique images that set them apart from the competition is what I do best. 

But with me, you get so much more than tantalizing Photos!

I'm a connoisseur of visual storytelling in the vibrant realm of food. With my camera, I delve into the heart of both local and global cuisines with an emphasis on Middle Eastern food. My decade in food photography, combined with professional cooking experience, allow me to bring a unique, drool-worthy perspective to the table.

It all started with "Omayah Cooks," my blog where I shared Syrian family recipes and stories. It was here that my passion for making food look as irresistible as it tastes truly blossomed.

Living and working in Dubai has been a journey through a melting pot of culinary diversity. My work celebrates this by focusing on authenticity and stories behind each dish. Whether partnering with a local café or an international food brand, I bring an insider’s view to every project. My goal? To craft visual narratives that resonate, engage, and keep customers coming back for more.

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